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How to reserve tennis courts?
Tennis courts

In the registration system  you need to perform the following steps:

1) Create an account;

2) Top up your wallet balance;

3) Choose the desired date, time and court;

4) Go to the order basket;

5) Choose the amount which you want to pay;

6) Pay.

Where to park when arriving at an event?
Darius and Girenas stadium

You can leave your car at parkings next to Vytautas park or Lithuanian Sports University. During FC Kauno Zalgiris A league games, VIP lounge pass holders can park their cars at the Darius and Girenas stadium parking, located next to tennis courts, floor 0.

Is public transport free on days of events?
Darius and Girenas stadium

On the days of events happening in the Darius and Girenas stadium, you can use public transport free of charge 3 hours before and 3 hours after the event with a valid event ticket.

How to rent a lounge for an event?
Darius and Girenas stadium

To rent a lounge for an event, send an inquiry to

What can't I bring to the Darius and Girenas stadium?
Darius and Girenas stadium

It is forbidden to carry:

alcoholic beverages, toxic and psychoactive substances, other stimulating substances (except special medical preparations ((insulin and so on ));

any kinds of weapons, sharp objects, and explosive materials, including items with which a person can cut or jab at other Visitors, also items which can be used for throwing, fling etc;

fireworks, flare rockets, smoke powder, gas bombs and/or other pyrotechnic;

the material or attributes which contain racist, xenophobic, extreme Right-wing politics, nationalist or socialist ideas, sexual discrimination propaganda;

bottles, cups, and any kind of tin products or other products made from plastic, glass, or any other rigid brittle materials;

any food or beverage;

flagpole, with the exception of flexible plastic flagpole, which shall not exceed 1 m in length and 1 cm in diameter;

flags which are bigger than 2,0 x 1,5 m. Representatives of Fan Club who wish to carry the flag of the Club into the Stadium, must obtain a special permission from Organizers;

all kinds of animals except guide dogs (when coordinated with the organizers);

gas sprays, irritating and flammable materials, colorants; containers which contain quickly flammable materials as well as materials detrimental to human health;

oversized items (ladders, chairs, boxes, large bags, rucksacks, suitcases, sports bags and etc.). Over sized item– any object, which is bigger than 25x25x25 cm and cannot be held under the chair of the Stadium;

large quantities of paper and rolls of paper;

mechanically operated sound-emitting devices (compressed air trumpets etc.), speakers, megaphones, air horns, trumpets and other wind instruments, drones and other remotely controlled devices;

devices with laser gadgets, electric torches, selfmade light emitting devices and equipment;

radio receivers;

laptops and / or other devices, which might be used for the dissemination of information through the other media;

other objects capable of causing hazard to the security of the event and those around (spray deodorants, perfume bottles, umbrellas, pillows or other items containing feathers and so on);

all other items which were found by police officers, security service personnel and / or others authorized person and might cause hazard to the security of the event and the Visitors;

organizers of the events separately determine the conditions of prohibited items that participant of the event, media representatives, companies who serves the event, Stadium's staff are carrying into the Stadium and their checking procedures. These conditions apply for participants of the events, media representatives, event serving companies and Stadium personnel;

a list of prohibited items may be supplemented in accordance with the requests of organizers of the events.

What to do if I’ve lost my belongings at the Darius and Girenas stadium?
Darius and Girenas stadium

If you’ve lost personal belongings at the Darius and Girenas stadium, contact us at or ask at an info stand during the event.

Until what age can children enter for free?
Darius and Girenas stadium

Children of ages 0-6 can attend home games of FC Kaunas Zalgiris for free (a 6-year-old can still attend for free). For other events, rules are defined by their organizers – please check the information of a specific event.

Can a ticket be scanned on a mobile phone?
Darius and Girenas stadium

Yes, tickets can be scanned on a mobile phone. Make sure that your phone’s screen is not cracked as it might prevent proper scanning of a bar code.

When do doors to an event open?
Darius and Girenas stadium

Doors open 1-2 hours before an event. You can find detailed information on a specific event’s page on ticket sales platforms.

Where can I park my car?
Kaunas Sports Hall

Automobilį galite palikti gretimose parkavimosi aikštelėse prie Kauno sporto halės, Vytauto parko ir Lietuvos sporto universiteto. You can leave your car in the nearby parking lots near the Kaunas Sports Hall, Vytautas Park and the Lithuanian Sports University.

Where to buy event tickets?
Darius and Girenas stadium

You can buy tickets to FC Kauno Zalgiris games:

1. Online:

2. 2. Zalgirio Arena ticket office: Mindaugo avenue 50, Kaunas. It’s open Monday-Friday from 16.00 to 20.00;

3. 3. Darius and Girenas stadium ticket office. It’s open from the door to an event opening until a half-time.

What informal activities are held in Kaunas Sports Hall?
Kaunas Sports Hall

Kaunas Sports Hall hosts artistic gymnastics. volleyball, badminton, indoor football, fencing, orientation and other activities. If you would like to hold activities in Kaunas Sports Hall, contact us at

Until what age can children enter for free?
Kaunas Sports Hall

The majority of Kaunas Sports Hall events are free and open to everyone. For other events, rules are defined by their organizers – please check the information of a specific event.

How to rent a lounge/hall?
Kaunas Sports Hall

To rent a lounge or a hall at Kaunas Sports Hall, contact us at

Where can I find information about the events happening in Kaunas Sports Hall?
Kaunas Sports Hall

For Kaunas Sports Hall event information, visit the Events section at:

Can I return / change my ticket?
Tennis courts

Tickets are returned only if the event is canceled or the date is changed.Tickets can be changed by applying to

What to do if you have problems purchasing tickets online or can not find them?
Tennis courts

Tickets are not sent by email. A payment confirmation with a link to your account containing formatted tickets is sent to the specified e-mail.If you cannot find the tickets, please contact us by e-mail

Can the session be rescheduled due to bad weather?
Tennis courts

Due to bad weather conditions, you can reschedule your session at least 12 hours before the start of your session by calling +370 616 44448, or +370 652 25467 or writing an e-mail

Is it possible to rent sports equipment at the tennis courts?
Tennis courts

Inventory rental/sale services are not provided on the cards. You must have your game inventory with you upon arrival.

Where are the ticket/service charges?
Tennis courts

Fees for tickets/services are specified in point 10 of the General Rules of Purchase - Sale and Conduct.

Road to the stadium parking lot:
Tennis courts

From Paroda st. or K. Petrauskas st. you will get to Perkūnas ave., after 500 m, after the Kaunas sports hall, turn left into Papartis St., through which you will enter the stadium area.

How to get an invoice for my purchase?
Tennis courts

If you would like to receive a final invoice for your purchase, please send the purchase confirmation document to by the 7th day of the following month.

How to get to the stadium area?
Tennis courts

You can enter the stadium area by car or by scanning your ticket at the VIP turnstile closest to the tennis courts.

How do I pay if I don't have a Lithuanian bank account?
Tennis courts

If you do not have a Lithuanian account, you can pay for tickets by choosing the payment method "Pay by credit/debit card".

Where can I leave my stuff during the game?
Tennis courts

While you play, you can safely leave your belongings in the lockers in the locker rooms.

How can I extend my game?
Tennis courts

If you want to extend the game, first of all make sure that there is free time after your game session. You can check the availability of cards and make a card reservation (game extension) on the website:

Where can I park my car?
Tennis courts

You can leave your car in the parking lot of the Darius and Girenas stadium, which is located in the 0 level, close to tennis courts. The Darius and Girenas parking lot is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The parking lot is closed during the event year. You can also leave your car in the adjacent parking lots near the Vytautoas park and the Lithuanian Sports University.

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